Turkey Casserole

Turkey Casserole - Use fresh ingredients or leftovers, either way this moist, delicious meal is a treat for the mouth! | #Turkey #Leftovers #Casserole | Huddlenet.com

Turkey Casserole is an awesome, delicious, terrific, yummy recipe.. really.. It’s that good. You can use leftovers or you can use fresh ingredients.

One night this summer I was craving Thanksgiving, (Don’t judge me!) and started looking at recipes. Nothing appealed. I didn’t want something from a box. I didn’t want anything with broccoli, although you’re welcome to add it. Oh and I certainly didn’t want cheese in my fake Thanksgiving meal!!

So I played. Turkey with homemade gravy, topped with homemade stuffing! Yummy!!

Scarecrow 1 & 2 Week Printable Menus and A Giveaway

Scarecrow Menu sq

Life is busy. This time of year is full of school commitments for my daughter, holiday decorating & preparations and giving the house a good cleaning before those holidays. To make life easier, I use menus to reduce stress.

Every two weeks I sit down with my recipes and choose the meals. Dinner menus removes the worry about figuring out what’s for dinner in the morning and I know precisely what I need to buy when I grocery shopping.

We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.

Inspirational Quote: We can't help everyone, but everyone can help someone. - Ronald Reagan | #Inspiration #Quote #Help | Huddlenet.com

Ronald Reagan was the 40th president of the United States. He began his professional life as an radio broadcaster and actor. He served as president of the Screen Actors Guild and spokesperson of G.E. While acting as spokesman for G.E. he became active in politics. In 1980 he became president of the United States. He survived an assassination attempt, took a hard stance on drugs, and was instrumental in ending the Cold War.

Recipes For 100+ People

Recipes for 100+ people - Instructions, tips, tricks and much more. | #FeedsACrowd #Recipes | Huddlenet.com

I’m so excited to bring you Recipes for 100+ People! All of these recipes are tried and tested on 200+ hungry band kids.

Each recipe can easily be doubled, tripled or cut in half. They are perfect for parties, receptions, and concession stands.

I don’t generally have time to take pictures of each step while I’m cooking at 7 in the morning but the instructions for each recipe are easy to follow.

15 Years of Relaxation & A Giveaway

Relaxation Giveaway - Shower Caddy & Gel, Lotion, Pumice Stone, Nail Kit, Nail Polish & Candle | Enter to Win on Huddlenet.com

It’s Winner Wednesday again! I’m having such fun hosting these giveaways. Congratulations to Karen B. of Virginia, our winner of the Wilton Halloween Baking Package. Can’t wait to see those tasty cupcakes!!

This week we’re offering a Relaxation Package – the perfect prize for all those moms out there who put in overtime. We’re even offering a nice relaxing “drink” with this package. Do you enjoy cosmos? I do!