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March 17, 2018 | Health

Today, it has been 2 years since I nearly died from the flu. The event is never far from my mind and I hope someday I will be able to Elsa It (let it go). It was and is hard to believe that the flu could be so destructive. Due to the methods needed to save my life, I have lasting scars that I have to live with for the rest of my life.

Learn more about Influenza and ARDS.

August 13, 2014 | Hand Drawn Graphics

These free mouse drawn school sayings images were created by Mrs. Huddle. There are 18 unique school sayings images for you to use and choose from. They work well for websites, documents and anywhere small clipart can be used. The images are available in the PNG format.

These school sayings images were created many years ago and we’re happy to be sharing them with you again. More School Graphics are available for your use.

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August 11, 2014 | Inspiration

Don’t walk behind me; I may not lead. Don’t walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend. – Albert Camus

August 10, 2014 | Archived

Happy Monday Everyone! Most people who know me, know that I love Mondays! I’m re-energized, my house is quiet and life looks, well, Merry! Isn’t it perfect that I’m co-hosting the Merry Monday Link Party? I think so!

In conjunction with the Merry Monday Linky Party, there will also be a Fall Dollar Tree/99¢ Store craft tutorials contest. Link up your current year Dollar Tree or 99¢ Store Fall craft tutorials for a chance to win a $25 Visa gift card.

August 10, 2014 | Hand Drawn Graphics

August 4, 2014 | Inspiration

July 28, 2014 | Inspiration

July 27, 2014 | Blogger Resources

July 26, 2014 | Blogger Resources

July 21, 2014 | Inspiration

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July 16, 2014 | Desserts & Snacks

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