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May 4, 2014 | Archived

Review: From Mama’s Table to Mine Cookbook

From Mama's Table to Mine by Bobby Deen

Recently the Huddles won the cookbook From Mama’s Table to Mineby Bobby Deen, courtesy of Diane at Recipes for Our Daily Bread. This was rather neat for a couple of reasons…

  1. We NEVER win anything and it was the SECOND giveaway we won in a week! WHOA!
  2. We had JUST decided to change the way we eat!!

I couldn’t wait to dig into the cookbook. I love to read them from front to back, marking recipes that catch my eye. The very first recipe in the book, “Bobby’s Pimiento Cheese” jumped off the page at me. Cheese is one of my very favorite snacks and this recipe is a double whammy with cream cheese and cheddar cheese.

I’m happy to report that the lower calorie, lower fat recipe was delish. I did choose to use Greek yogurt instead of lite mayo (blech!) and added some garlic to the recipe. If your interested in this recipe, there is a copy on Next time I will add more cream cheese and pimentos and beat the mixture until it is smoother. Yes, there will definitely be a next time.

Our family is not “dieting” so much as we are changing our recipes for healthier ones. This book is an excellent start for help with that. Bobby takes Paula Deen’s recipes and lowers the fat, calories, carbs, etc. There are several recipes that look promising. Here are just a few:

  • Fiery Queso Fundido – Fat: 2 grams | Calories: 63 | 4 Carbs
  • Easy Ginger Glazed Spareribs – Fat: 28 grams | Calories: 320 | 4 Carbs
  • Chicken Divan – Fat: 10 grams | Calories: 327 | 18 Carbs
  • Chicken and Dumplings – Fat: 6 grams | Calories: 309 | 31 Carbs
  • Strawberry Streusel Cake – Fat: 1 grams | Calories: 155 | 32 Carbs

Cooking TipWhen you are dealing with recipes that use low fat and calorie foods, spices and herbs are your best-friend. I generally add all the base ingredients together first and then slowly add in the seasonings. That way I’m controlling the taste.

There are several resources online that can help you choose a substitute for a high calorie food when cooking. Some foods are no brainers such as fat free sour cream instead of full fat. Other foods have hidden substitutes. You can substitute unsweetened applesauce for shortening or lard and even sugar. Greek yogurt can replace sour cream or mayonnaise. Low fat cottage cheese can replace ricotta and sour cream. There are many other replacements that you can make. Bobby includes several swaps in the back portion of the book.

Also in the back of the book, you will find several weekly and party menus. He includes activities and tips for controlling and losing weight. My favorite? Dancing! Such a FUN idea for exercise. There is also an extensive list of pantry ingredients. Besides all the standards, he adds those that are healthy. Buttermilk and marshmallow fluff are two ingredients that I never think of. *Hint* Marshmallow fluff makes an awesome replacement for frosting. Bobby includes a couple of recipes that use it.

SuperfoodsHe ends the cookbook with a list of superfoods that he calls the “Fantastic Fourteen”. He includes commentary on their strengths. For example he includes avocados on the list stating, “most of the fat you find in an avocado is monounsaturated, which is a fancy way of saying it has heart-healthy fat.”

After reviewing the book, I can honestly say I would have purchased the book myself. It is packed with tasty-looking recipes, as well as tips, tricks and hints. If you are interested in From Mama’s Table to Mine,you can find the book on Amazon.comfor $11.79 on your Kindle or $14.90 in paperback.

I wouldn’t have gotten this terrific book if it weren’t for the giveaway on Recipes for Our Daily Bread. Please visit Diane and check out some of her great posts, such as her roundup on Healthy Recipes or her post on Quick, Easy, Healthy Dinners. You can find Diane on Facebook, Pinterest and other social media outlets.

Bobby Deen's Pimiento Cheese


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  1. Diane Roark says: May 4, 2014


    I love your blog. You must be busy with 6 kids and 3 grand children. I have 5 kids and 3 dogs. I am so glad that you won the cookbook because you did a wonderful job with this review.

    Blessings Always,
    Diane Roark

    • Stacy says: May 6, 2014

      Hi Diane. It would seem like we both have big busy families. Thank you for compliment. I’m definitely enjoying the cookbook! ~Stacy

  2. Shana Sutton says: May 30, 2014

    I’ve been meaning to get this book for a while now. i love healthy versions of indulgent recipes. Your review was great-glad i saw it and glad to hear the pimento cheese recipe was good!

    • Stacy says: May 31, 2014

      You’ll enjoy the book. I’m still loving on the pimiento cheese too.. Need to try it with a bit of bacon in it. Oh wait, I’m trying to be healthy!! 😀

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