July Update & Parent Time Alone

Summer vacation is already over in the Huddle household for our youngest, Megan. She started band camp on July 14th, was ready to quit on July 15th and was good as new on the 16th. Band camp lasts one more week and then there are endless evening and weekend practices, performances, contests.

Both the hubby and I volunteer our time with the band in a variety of ways. I help coordinate the feeding of the band when they have long rehearsals and trips. This means meals for 225+ people. I love every minute of it (ok, almost!). I also help run the concession stand and the band’s website.

Mr. Huddle assists with the website, chaperones, drives vehicles and does whatever is asked of him. He also runs the scoreboard for the football team. This gives him the advantage of sitting in the press box and being able to see the band perform during half time. He also gets the privilege of announcing them onto the field.

In happy news, I will be going home to visit my family in Washington state starting July 29th through August 8th. YAY!

All of this means I will have less time to work on this website but I’ll try my best to keep on posting! I have several posts I’ve been meaning to get to but real life just does it’s best to keep from them.

Parent TimeĀ Alone

Last week I did a guest post on A TIPical Day. I wrote about the importance of parent time alone or Mommy & Daddy Timeouts. Things to do alone, together and how to make it happen. I hope you’ll give it a visit!

Parent Time Alone: Things to do alone, Things to do together & Ways to get it done!

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