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Free Online Word and Character Counter - Fast, easy word and character counting. Ideal for twitter, SMS messages, essays, posts and many other applications. |#BlogResources #Words #Free | Huddlenet.comThis free online word and character counter is useful for your tweets, posts, sms messages, as well as a many other applications. Please feel free to use this tool to count the number of letters or characters in your document(s). Students will find this useful for essays and reports.

Many websites and applications have a limit on the number of characters that you can use. Below our word and character counter we have listed many of those limits.

To use our word and character counter, please type or paste your text in the text box below. In most cases it will automatically show the count. This character counter includes spaces.

Character Limits Around the Web

Twitter Statuses – 140 characters

An SMS text message – 160 characters

Google SEO
Meta Description – 156 characters
Title – 70 characters (recommended more than 40)
Body Copy – 300 word recommendation

Google AdSense ads:
Titles – 25 characters
Ad Text – 70 characters
Displayed URL – 35 characters

Pin Descriptions – 500 characters
Personal Bios – 160 characters
Board Descriptions – 500 characters

Facebook has a multitude of different limits and they change constantly.
Current as of 7/26/2014

Messages – 5,000 characters
Status – 63,206 characters
Wall Posts – 5,000 characters
Picture Descriptions – 5,000 characters
Photo Comments – 8,000 characters
News Feed on long posts – 1,200 characters
Shared Link Text – 240 characters

NOTE: Also, a space or punctuation is a “character”.

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