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Oven Door Towel DressesI started making oven door towel dresses for Christmas presents in November. I made a few for some of the ladies at my hubby’s work. Soon I had people asking to make custom orders.

I can’t begin to express how grateful I am to the ladies at my husband’s work (US Recruiting Brigade at Ft. Knox). They have kept me sew busy! I’m not spending nearly as much time on my computer anymore, yay!

So far, I’ve made about forty towels. About half were custom orders and the rest were pre-made holiday themed towels. Unfortunately, I didn’t start taking pictures until I had made twenty or so. Whoopsie!

The towel on the right is one of my favorites. Mostly because I love frogs! Click on image to enlarge it.

If you are interested in ordering a custom Oven Door Towel Dress and learning more about how they work, please visit my Custom Order Page.

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