My Bucket List

Bucket List

It’s time to share a list with you. You should be very excited at the prospect of glimpsing one of them since they are so rare – har de har har!

Whether people have actually written a bucket list down or not, I think most have one in their heads. At some point, most of us have said that we were going to do something before we died. Although, I doubt I’ll do most of these because of money, I can always dream – which is something I’m really good at.

My Bucket List by Stacy
  1. Sky Dive – I have wanted to do this for over 20 years. Unfortunately, I don’t think my knees could take the landing and the ground probably wouldn’t like it either!
  2. Write a Book – The first time I wrote a short story in the 6th grade, I decided I wanted to write a book. I have several in my head, it’s just a matter of putting them on paper.
  3. Go to England – My love affair with England started about 10 years ago. This is probably the one I would most like to do but is the least likely of happening.
  4. Move Back to Washington – I love my home state and I miss my family. I hope before I die, I can move back home.
  5. Watch Megan Graduate – This is the most likely to actually happen (knock on wood).Good luck Megan!
  6. Learn Tai Chi – I’m planning on starting solo training. According to the Arthritis Foundation, Tai Chi is helpful with arthritis in that it “may improve mobility, breathing and relaxation”.
  7. Make a Quilt – I want to make a basic “patchwork” quilt like I had when I was little. This one is certainly doable.
  8. Visit the Smithsonian with my mom – While it’s not quite as exciting as England, I know I can spend days wandering through all the buildings including the National Postal Museum.
  9. UPDATED 09/05/11: See a Bruce Springsteen concert – My dad promised to take me to one if he ever came to Yakima which of course, had a chance of 1 in a billion of happening. I would still REALLY like to see one, even though he rarely tours now.

I’m sure there are a few other things that I’ve forgotten to add or perhaps there is even something that I didn’t know I wanted to do. If I think of something more, I’ll add it and if I do something on my list, I’ll keep you updated.

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Stacy is the mother of 3, step-mom of 3 and grandparent of 3. She retired as a project manager for a environmental laboratory. In her spare time she volunteers with her daughter's high school band. She has been developing websites for over 15 years, both for herself and others. Cooking, sewing, reading and history are just a few of her passions. Reading about history is a double passion!


  1. You have 3 things on your bucket list that I also have on mine.
    #1, #2 & strange as it may sound, #7…

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