Big Splash Adventure Indoor Water Park, French Lick, Indiana

Big Splash Indoor Water ParkVacation for our family is difficult. Both David and I are overweight, David has always had bad knees and I have diabetic neuropathy in my feet. Walking is not something either of us can do well. Finding places that are enjoyable to our daughter as well as us is a trick.

So when I surfed the internet and found Big Splash Adventure Indoor Water Park in French Lick, Indiana, I felt I had scored big time. No long walks, quick access to our hotel room if we became fatigued, no burning sun. Woohoo!

French Lick is located in the southern portion of Indiana and is the hometown of basketball legend Larry Bird. It has major small town charm.

We drove a little over 1.5 hours to arrive in French Lick. During our drive we passed bucolic country scenery, farms aplenty and charming historic homes. This area is also home to an Amish community, caves and a beautiful lake.

We booked our stay through the hotel’s website without any hassle. We found the cost to be reasonable given that it included a buffet breakfast for each morning and passes to the water park each day. We opted to pay a little more so that Megan could have the bunk bed. This also gave me a place to crawl into when David was hogging the bed! The hotel offers several different styles of rooms that are perfect for families of all sizes.

Checking into the hotel was a bit of a hassle. There were many people arriving at the same time. Since it’s the middle of the summer, you can guess how many kids were involved. The lobby was fun with little interactive toys to play with though and the staff was courteous and polite.

Upon our arrival in our room, we kicked off our shoes and slapped on our bathing suits to head to the water park. It was super nice to be able to get to our destination in a matter of minutes. The water park was bigger than it appeared from the outside, wasn’t too warm (one of my worries) and was clean. The attendants were all nice.

David burns really easily (redhead!), so being indoors was a treat for him. There was an outdoor pool area, along with deck chairs. I didn’t get any pictures out there because Megan kept dragging us back to the slides.

I hadn’t ridden water slides since I was a teenager. My biggest concern was that I would stick to the plastic due to my weight. My second concern was hiking up the stairs. There were no “sticking” issues and there were plenty of other overweight people around to keep me company. The stairs did present a challenge on my knees but I still managed a few trips. When people came up behind me, I simply stepped to the side to let them go while I huffed and puffed.

The slides themselves were a blast. I had definitely missed the thrill! The Silver Beard’s Revenge was a family favorite. During the ride, riders are thrust into a large bowl where the inner tube spirals towards the center. You can ride on a double inner tube with a partner. There is a picture of below. Another favorite of mine was the Jolly Roger Jetty. Scared the bajeezus out of me the first time because it is pitch black.

David and I enjoyed the lost river the most. It was larger than I figured it would be and was decorated nicely. It was a relaxing way to spend our time. Although, if you could have seen the two of our large tushies trying to get on the inner tubes! Talk about a laugh fest.

The water park houses four slides (1 three, 2 Body and 1 standard), a water play area, the lost river, outdoor leisure pool, indoor leisure pool, a spa, a kiddie pool.

The hotel housed a small arcade which we found to be the perfect size. Large enough to dry off from the water park and take a break. Not too large to get sidetracked all day. It had a snack bar offering pizza, beer, etc.

We ate our complimentary breakfast in the Boatyard Restaurant each morning. It was nothing special but it wasn’t bad either (pancakes, bacon, cereal, etc.). We never ate at the other restaurant available, a seafood lounge. We did purchase some items in the gift store. The prices were typical – cheaper than Disney, more expensive than Wal-Mart.

On day 2, we went into town to look around. We ate dinner at the local Denney’s which we don’t recommend due to horrible service. However the town itself is adorable. We rode some go-carts at an indoor kart facility. Unfortunately, I took horrible pictures.

On our last night there, a kid pulled the fire alarm. Because we were so relaxed we found it amusing. I’m certain that three days before, we would have been annoyed.

All in all we had a terrific time. We came home relaxed until we unloaded the car. Phew, what a mess! Would we go back? In a heartbeat!

POST SCRIPT – 4/12/14: The Hotel has now added mini-golf and lazer tag.

{This is NOT a sponsored post. All opinions expressed are my own. I was not compensated in any way.}


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