Reviewing Our TLCVoxBox from Influenster

We received a box full of goodies from for product review and testing. Over the last month we’ve poked, prodded and had a good time with all of it!

Included in our box was the following items: Ivory Soap, Bryers Gelato Indulgences, Neosporin Neo to Go!, Puffs to Go, Shell Rewards Network Card, and Avon ANEW Reversalist.

Of all the products in the box when I opened it, I was most intrigued by the Avon ANEW and the Bryers Gelato. I was weary of the Ivory and the Shell Rewards program.

It’s Summertime! First Aid Kit Supply List & Printable

It’s summertime. A time for rolling down hills, playing in sandboxes, swinging to new heights and jumping into lakes. So much fun for everyone. No matter what age, most of us can’t wait to play. There are mountains to climb, sand castles to be built and meadows to explore.

All of these exuberant activities keep us a young at heart and provide ample opportunities for bumps, bruises, scrapes, burns, cuts, blisters, stings and so much more. It’s a wonder we actually keep going back for more! But we’re humans with natural curiosities to indulge.

Well, if we’re going to indulge ourselves, we might as well be prepared.

Thanks to the folks at Influenster I recently received a complimentary Neosporin Neo To Go! in my TLCVoxBox for product testing and review. I decided it was an excellent time to redo/update my First Aid Kit. I thought perhaps other people might have use of the useful list I put together as well.

Avon Reversalist Complete Renewal Express

I am an “unglamorous” girl. My nails are short. My hair is short. I’m happiest in comfy shorts. In short, I like things minimal. When we are going out somewhere special, I don’t mind putting in a little more effort but only just a bit more.

This means I like to get ready quickly. Foundation, eye shadow, eye liner, mascara & blush. Nothing more, nothing less. Well that was until I received my TLCVoxBox from

Included inside my TLCVoxBox was a full sized package of AVON Anew Reversalist Complete Renewal Express Wrinkle Smoother. First of all, that’s a mouth full! It is a finishing cream-to-powder that comes in a portable compact. The compact itself is pretty neat but I’m easily distracted by shiny things.

Date Night with @Breyers Gelato

Date Night is being sponsored by Breyers® Gelato Indulgences™! As a married couple of 16 years, the Huddles know how important it is to take a few blessed moments each day to appreciate each other. Sometimes though, you have to take a whole night. It’s so easy to do right in your own home. Here’s a few helpful tips.

I was provided this complimentary product by Influenster. All opinions are 100% mine.