Holiday Humor: History of the Pilgrims

Huddlenet Holiday Humor: ThanksgivingThis is a selection from a book called “Then Some Other Things Happened”, a collection of short pieces about history written by eighth graders and compiled by Bill Lawrence, a teacher and columnist.

The Pilgrims were a bunch of English wanderers who wanted to worship as they wanted to. They escaped the Church of England and came over here because they heard that American churches were different.

The May Flower was the ship with which they came in. It didn’t have a bathroom on board so there was quite an odor. Priscilla Mullins was the captain.

First the Pilgrims had gone to Holland but left when their children started developing customs there. After a stopover at Williamsburg when a large storm blew them off course they landed on a big, slimy rock in Massachusetts. They spent the winter there.

Before they got off the ship even they drew up an agreement for the people of Plymouth to agree on the voting for governors and congressmen. They kept this hid in the May Flower Compact. Lord Delaware was elected the first governor of Plymouth Rock.

A friendly Indian named Rhone Oak showed the Pilgrims how to plant corn by putting it in the ground. Rhone Oak had been the first Indian to come to America and always wanted a beer. He traveled around with Miles Standy and translated language. He knew enough English to interrupt.

Another interrupter for the white man was Squanto, who was called that because he was so short. Squanto drew up a declaration to give the settlers freedom of government in the new land. The Pilgrims gave the Indians thanks for all this and that’s what started Thanksgiving.

The Pilgrims then appointed Thanksgiving as a national holiday. Abraham Lincoln later pronounced it and gave it to them and it soon became a national holiday all around the world.

These people always wore old shoes with a big buckle on the top of them. The men wore pants that only came a little ways past the knees and the girls wore funny bonnets.

But if these people wouldn’t had of come to America the United States wouldn’t be like it is today.

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