The Huddle Family

David Stacy


Melissa Dylan Megan & Adrian
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A Little About Us:
David & Stacy met on the Internet in February of 97 using mIRC. At the time David was stationed in Korea with the U.S. ARMY. Stacy was living in her home state of Washington. They were married in February of 1998, merging two families to make the Huddle Bunch.

The Huddles have lived and traveled all over the world. They have made countless road trips back & forth, across the United States due to the fact that David is from Virginia on the East coast and Stacy is from Washington state on the West coast.

Before marrying each other, David had been married twice and Stacy once. Chrissi, Jamie & Greg are from David’s previous marriages. Melissa & Dylan are from Stacy’s previous marriage. Megan is David & Stacy’s daughter together.

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