David Huddle

DavidInterests: Computers
Favorite Colors: Purple
Favorite Football Team: Dallas Cowboys
Favorite Food: Whatever she cooks.
Favorite Music: Country & Classic Rock
Favorite TV Shows: ER (unfortunately it’s over), All the CSI shows, NCIS, House, The Blacklist
Favorite Movies: Poltergeist is my favorite and I like slapstick comedies
Favorite Quote: I’m on a breathe at your own pace profile.
About: Patriarch of the Huddle Family, David spent 15 years in the ARMY. He now works for the ARMY on Fort Knox as a human resources specialist. He is the father of Chrissi, Jamie, Greg and Megan. David was born and raised in Virginia. Through the ARMY he was able to visit many places including Germany, Korea, and Hawaii.
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