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Welcome to Huddlenet.com’s collection of Bumper Stickers – Chocolate & Coffee theme.

We have 20 chocolate & coffee themed bumper stickers to enjoy.

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Bumper Stickers - Chocolate

  1. Be Nice to Me Because I am in a Chocolate Cake Coma!
  2. Bean me up, Scotty! They make lousy coffee down here!
  3. C:COFFEE.EXE NOT FOUND <A>bort, <R>etry, <B>rew another pot?
  4. Death Before Dishonor. Nothing Before Coffee!
  5. Do Not Underestimate the Power of the Chocolate Side of the Force!
  6. Everybody needs something to believe. I believe I’ll have another cup of coffee!
  7. Forget Love – I want to fall in Chocolate!
  8. I haven’t had my coffee yet, don’t make me kill you.
  9. I’d give up chocolate, but I’m no quitter.
  10. If they don’t have chocolate in heaven, I ain’t going.
  11. Is there life before coffee?
  12. Just bring me the coffee and nobody will get hurt.
  13. Love, peace, and fat free chocolate… Now that’s heaven.
  14. Money talks… Chocolate Sings!
  15. No coffee, no peace. Know coffee, know peace.
  16. Save the Earth! It’s the Only Planet With Chocolate!
  17. Sleep is a poor substitute for coffee.
  18. The four essential elements: Means, Motive, Opportunity and Chocolate!
  19. There’s too much blood in my caffeine system.
  20. Yes, I’ve heard of “decaf.” What’s your point?

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