Seattle Seahawks: Free Coloring Pages

Super Bowl TrophyThe first Super Bowl that I remember was the 1979 Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Dallas Cowboys game. I was seven years old. My house was full of drunk, I mean very loud people and stuffed with food & laughter.

My dad was pulling for the Cowboys, therefore, I was pulling for the Cowboys. Only a few idiots, I mean guests were pulling for the mean Steelers. In my 7 year old brain, yellow and black were ugly colors, so they must have been terrible. I still find that thought to be hysterical.

I grew up in Washington state and it was pretty exciting when the Seattle Seahawks joined the NFL in 1976. It was also exciting when we would have those Super Bowl parties in our tiny single wide trailer.

Below are some football coloring pages in support of the Seattle Seahawks that I did up. Include your little ones in your Super Bowl fun and you’ll have party buddies for life!

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Seattle Super Hawks Seattle Seahawks Logo Seattle Seahawks Football Seattle Seahawks Helmet Seattle Seahawks 12th Man Jersey


  1. cynthia

    I retired from Pacific NW 2 years ago due to health problems to AZ my heart is in Washington and my Seahawks and there is nothing for sale down here that is remotely close to my Hawks therefor I make it and you are my kinda girl

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