Halloween Graphics: Spooktacular Halloween

Free Halloween Graphics: Spooktacular Halloween *** #Graphics #Images *** Huddlenet.comThese free mouse drawn Halloween graphics were created by Mrs. Huddle. There are 33 unique images for you to use and choose from, including 2 customizable graphics. They work well for websites, documents and anywhere small clipart can be used. The images are available in the PNG format.

These Halloween graphics were created many years ago and we’re happy to be sharing them with you again. More Graphics are available for your use.

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Graphics Terms of Use
  1. Save the images; do not link to them.
  2. Give credit. Provide a link to http://huddlenet.com
  3. Do not alter any image unless permission is otherwise stated.
  4. Do add these images to any collections or redistribute.
  5. Follow all of our Terms of Use.

Right click & choose “Save image as” or “Save picture as”.



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