Someone’s In The Kitchen with WordPress Plugins

I'm Back - Did you miss me?After buying a new camera and updating the site’s software, I’m back in the kitchen. Last year blogging had gotten frustrating when my pictures constantly looked fuzzy and ugly!

On top of that, it was a lot of work putting the recipes on the website. If I wanted to make a change, it was like doing cartwheels! Of course, if I *could* do cartwheels, I’d be so excited I would want to take pictures!! I’m not certain I could do a somersault. Although, I can definitely roll.

Have I digressed? Ok, back to my blog…

There have been some great new plugins created for WordPress! Here are a few that I love:

The Ziplist Recipe Plugin is terrific. Using Ziplist makes it is easy to create recipes and style their look.

The jQuery Pin It Button For Images plugin turns pinning images onto a breeze.

After trying several sliders Meta Slider did exactly what I was trying to do. When I say I tried several, I mean more than a dozen over two days. Can’t say I’m persistent, eh?

These are the other plugins that are powering my blog:
Ax ScrollTo Top – The little button in the bottom, right-hand corner when you start to scroll down.
Custom Contact Forms – A nice contact form with many styling tools.
Dynamic Widgets – Allows me to choose which widgets show up on which pages.
Easy Google Fonts – I *LOVE* Google fonts. Putting the font I want instead of the usual boring ones.
Meta SEO Pack – Assists with getting my blog into search engines.
Pro Writing Aid – Helps with writing better posts. Unbelievable aid.
Random Text – That’s for the quotes I like.. they’re over on the side.
Shareaholic – Just like it sounds! Please share, won’t you?
Simple Featured Posts Widget – My favorite recipes for you to see quickly.
Subscribe2 – If you enjoy my blog and want to keep up-to-date, subscribe to the weekly newsletter.

I’m happy to be back. There are several recipes and ideas whirling around my head!


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