Menu Planning: Free Monthly Calendars

Free Monthly CalendarsMenu planning has greatly helped with the “what’s for dinner” problem I used to have. Every two weeks I plan out two weeks of meals and can easily make my shopping list.

I use a simple system when figuring out what to plan. Each day of the week has a “theme”. You should fit your menu to your type of favorite foods. Here is my general themed plan:
SUNDAY – Sunday Dinner (Ham, roast, ribs, etc.)
MONDAY – Pasta
WEDNESDAY – Chicken or Pork
THURSDAY – Mexican or Chinese
FRIDAY – Quick & Easy
SATURDAY – Quick & Easy

I created the following calendar to help with menu planning or anything else you want. There are two versions of each calendar, a dated 2014 calendar with holidays and a completely blank one.

The calendars use my original art. Please feel free to share my link with your friends but do not distribute or claim the calendars as your own.

The link is:

You can download all calendars in PDF format here:
Dated 2014 Calendars
Blank Calendar


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